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This series of messages is a collection of questions and answers from the members of Kootenai Church and answered by Jim Osman, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – April 26, 2020

Questions and Answers

  1. Revisiting and clarification of women’s role in the church and explanation of egalitarianism?
  2. Is what we see in Genesis Chapter 2, prescriptive or descriptive, as God communicated to Adam first, then created Eve, so every teaching without exception must be by men? (Genesis 2:15-18)
  3. Does Titus 2:3-5 mean women can teach women, but ONLY about “women’s stuff?”
  4. Are women restricted to only teaching other women’s groups, etc., restricted from any teaching of men?
  5. Will there be dinosaurs on the new earth that God will create described in Revelation 21:1?
  6. Who are the gods held in the judgment referred to in Psalm 82:1?
  7. Specifically and practically, what is the opposite of idolatry, and what is a good way to turn my heart from worshipping an idol of my heart and turn it towards God?
  8. Thoughts on tithing and what it says in Malachi 3:8? (2 Corinthians 9:7)
  9. Can you please clarify that we as men learn from women all the time? Is there a specific context for this?
  10. What are your thoughts on Abortion?
  11. Answering Abortion Arguments Conference – It is the unjustified taking of human life.

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – April 19, 2020

Questions from the Q&A

  1. If man is totally depraved, why is he capable of performing selfless “good” acts?
  2. Can you explain what 1 Timothy 2:14-15 means re: Adam not being deceived?
  3. Depending on how 1 Cor 14:34-36 is interpreted would we conclude that women are NOT TO SPEAK in church? Does all their instruction come from their husband? What if the husband is not a believer?
  4. What is the purpose of the book of Revelation well? I’m not sure how to respond to those who read it, and then look for all the ways it connects to current events, sort of like a biblical dot to dot?
  5. I’ve heard people say that God causes calamity. True. Does God cause it or allow it or is there a difference?
  6. What is the purpose of the book of Revelation well? I’m not sure how to respond to those who read it, and then look for all the ways it connects to current events, sort of like a biblical dot to dot?
  7. Should Christians concern themselves with “conspiracy theories” and “satanic” goings-on in the world? One look on YouTube and there are a ton of ministries dedicated to exposing these theories. Bill Gates seems to a hot topic right now.
  8. Are lions going to eat grass during Millennium? or this allegorical regarding the nature of man?
  9. How do you respond to those who say Christians deny science?
  10. Can a person that has truly had a Christian rebirth experience have their heart hardened later in life?
  11. For a science-thinking, meditating neighbor who could be open to truth, what book might you recommend that?
  12. What is the proper interpretation and application of the passage dealing with women and head coverings?
  13. What can be said to people who quote Hulk Hogan’s statement, “God said, ‘you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers. You want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters. You want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market. You don’t want to go to church and worship Me, I will make it where you can’t go to church.” It bugs me. People tell me its correct?
  14. What does a wife’s submission look like in a Christian marriage?
  15. Do you think it is possible that in some cases when someone takes their own life would God show them mercy if their mind is so far gone they are no longer accountable?

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – March 29, 2020


  1. Is there going to be birth and death in the new earth based on Isaiah 65:17-25?
  2. What Podcasts do you listen to?
    1. STRAsk – Greg Koukl
    2. Alpha and Omega Ministries by James White
    3. American Conservative University – Avoid Sunday stuff from Mormons
    4. Art of Manliness
    5. Ben Shapiro Show
    6. Christian Worldview Radio Program
    7. Contra Krugman
    8. Crossroads Bible Church
    9. Dan Bongino Show
    10. Expositor with Pastor Steven Lawson
    11. Freekanomics
    12. Grace to you Pulpit Podcast with Pastor John MacArthur
    13. Grace Life Pulpit with Phil Johnson
    14. Listening In from World Magazine
    15. Matt Walsh
    16. Motley Fool
    17. Steve Deace Show
    18. Thinking Out Loud
    19. Tom Woods show
    20. The Verdict with Ted Cruz
    21. The way I heard with Mike Rowe
    22. The world and everything in it
    23. Wretched Radio
    24. How I built this with Guy Roz
  3. What is the sign hanging over your shoulder?
  4. Is it always wrong for a Christian to lie?
  5. Is a Christian supposed to follow the old testament law?  Clarified what about current civil law?
  6. Where does the soul come from, is it created or does it come from our parents?

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – March 22, 2020


  1. What does “Without Wax” mean on your email signature line?
  2. What are the core/essential doctrines that Christians must agree on?
  3. Why did David lament Saul’s death in 2 Samuel, then write Psalms calling for the judgement of his enemies?
    1. Imprecatory Psalms/Prayers
  4. Was it wrong for David to have 2 wives?
  5. What’s distinctive about Reformed Theology vs Arminian Theology?
    1. What is hyper-Calvinism?
    2. Spurgeon V. Hyper-Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching
  6. Does God cause sin and does He have two wills?
  7. How long was the famine option following David’s census, 3 or 7 years, as the bible seems to contradict itself form 1 Chronicles 11:9?
    1. 1 Chronicles 21:11-12
    2. 2 Samuel 24:13
    3. Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason: Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions
  8. Rabbits don’t chew the cud, so is the bible wrong?
  9. What is Pastor Osman’s thought about the Corona Virus as it relates to the bible?
  10. If the Devil is beaten why does he keep fighting?
  11. What verses talk about the different kinds of love God has for people?
  12. What is Pastor Osman’s favorite fictional book.

To be addressed in the future:

  1. Was it wrong for David and Jonathan to lie to Saul?
  2. Is it wrong for a Christian to Lie?

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – January 5, 2020

  1. What is exactly is gluttony and is it a sin?
  2. Recently has something caused you to change your doctrinal position? Ephesians 1:7 NASB
  3. Have you wrestled through all the scripture that is on the scope of the atonement debate? 1 John 2:2 | John 3:17
  4. How do we explain election to unbelievers?
  5. Is categorizing sins as large or small biblical, or are all sins equal?
    Book Recommendation:  Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate By: Jerry Bridges
  6. How do we not be judgmental to other people struggling with their sin?
  7. Is there a hierarchy in heaven and/or hell?
  8. How do we describe believers who were pre-reformation, where they Christians?
  9. Is it appropriate for a Christian to rejoice when terrorists are killed?
  10. How should we deal with people who either hate or love the current administration?

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – November 3, 2019


  1. Ezekiel 18:20 lays out that children will not be punished for the sins of their fathers, yet in Esther 9:10, they hung the 10 sons of Haman with their father on the gallows?
  2. What happens to babies when they die, do they go to heaven or hell?
  3. Is there a specific chapter and verse that fully explains what happens with infants when they die?
  4. What is the age of accountability?
  5. As a Christian what should we say to someone who has lost a child?
  6. Are there two stages to salvation, first to be declared innocence then righteousness?
  7. When a child dies what are they going to be in heaven in their glorified body?
  8. As we’re not given in marriage in heaven how would raising a child?
  9. What age will we be in heaven?
  10. What is Federal Vision and who are the pastors that hold to that view?
  11. Guidance on using discernment when reading books from questionable authors.
  12. How many questions are too many to ask a pastor in a Q&A session? (Hint:  apparently 18)
  13. Some good references for solid online content:
    1. John MacArthur Grace to You –
    2. The Cripplegate –
    3. R.C. Sproul Ligonier Ministries –
    4. Todd Friel Wretched Radio –
    5. Greg Koukl Stand to Reason-
    6. Scott Klusendorf Life Training Institute –
    7. Ray Comfort Way of the Master –
    8. Jim Osman Kootenai Community Church –

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – September 22, 2019


  1. Do you believe in the Calvinist or Arminian soteriological position?
  2. Do you believe there are individuals born who are not God’s chosen people?
  3. Why would God choose some and not others?
  4. In relation to John 3:16 would you address the scope of the atonement?
  5. 2 Peter 3:9 who is the “all” that this passage addresses?
  6. Is God wringing His hands in Heaven waiting to see if they’ll repent?
  7. Define Dispensationalism?
  8. How does this pertain to Infant Baptism?
  9. Does baptism replace Circumcision?
  10. Address the concept of having no presuppositions, are we supposed to be neutral when we approach the Bible?
  11. What does it mean to say Jesus and the Father are consubstantial?
Jim Osman

Jim Osman


Jim Osman was born in May of 1972 and has lived in Sandpoint since he was 3 years old. He achieved his life’s ambition by graduating from Sandpoint High School in 1990. Jim came to know Christ through the ministry of Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp. Kootenai Community Church has always been his home church, attending Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Group.

After graduating from High School, he attended Millar College of the Bible in Pambrun, Saskatchewan. It was at Bible College that Jim met his wife-to-be, Diedre, who was also enrolled as a student. Jim graduated with a three-year diploma in April of 1993 and married Diedre in August of that same year. He returned to Millar to further his education in September of 1994 and graduated from the Fourth Year Internship Program with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Ministries in April of 1995.

Jim and Diedre returned to Sandpoint where Jim began working in construction and as a Roofing Materials Application Specialist (roofer) until he was asked to take over as the Preaching Elder of Kootenai Community Church in December of 1996. Now he counts it as his greatest privilege to be involved in ministering in the Church that ministered to him for so many years. It has been a great adventure!

Jim is the author of Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual WarfareSelling the Stairway to Heaven, The Prosperity of the Wicked: A Study of Psalm 73, and God Doesn’t WhisperJim and Diedre have four children: Taryn, Shepley, Ayden, and Liam.

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