The Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation

Welcome to this course on hermeneutics. It will be our goal as we study together The Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation. We call it a “science” because there are certain rules to learn and apply. We call it an “art” because our practice of these rules and principles will become part of the skill set we use and develop over time to become better students and communicators of God’s Word.

Our study will necessarily be limited in scope since, as in every area of Biblical study, there exists a massive amount of material and several different approaches are possible. Our focus, however, will be to draw out from Scripture itself the principles we will use to interpret the Scriptures.

God has revealed Himself to be all-powerful, holy, righteous, and true. Therefore His Word is inerrant, infallible, and authoritative.  In other words, the Bible comes with its own set of “operating instructions” based on the author and is the church’s sole rule for doctrine and practice, which includes hermeneutics. We will see how the prophets, apostles and Jesus Himself interpreted, preached, taught, and lived out the Word of God in dependence on and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
This series of messages is by Jeff Miller. These lessons were given during the Monday night men’s Bible study. Click here for more teaching by Jeff Miller.

The Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation – Evaluating Interpretive Systems

Historically the two competing interpretive systems were the allegorical and literal methods. The allegorical method won out and dominated for over a thousand years until the reformation. The Spirit of God then moved the reformers to recover sound doctrine through the recovery of sound, Biblical hermeneutics: the literal method.

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller


Though not raised raised in a Christian home, Jeff came to faith in Christ as a young man and committed his life to the Lordship and service of his Savior. He was trained and employed in public health as a clinical microbiologist and later worked in the building industry. He met his wife Penny in college and they were married for 35 years.  They were blessed with three children whom they raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Penny went home to her Savior in 2007 after a long, brave battle with cancer.

Jeff’s greatest joy is serving Christ’s church through the study and teaching of God’s Word. In view of the myriad fads and doctrinal aberrations plaguing the contemporary evangelical landscape, he is particularly concerned that local churches return to a high view of Scripture in order to be grounded in sound theology and practice.

Jeff enjoys family activities, cycling, woodworking and the four seasons and outdoor life of North Idaho.  He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.


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