1. Is there going to be birth and death in the new earth based on Isaiah 65:17-25?
  2. What Podcasts do you listen to?
    1. STRAsk – Greg Koukl
    2. Alpha and Omega Ministries by James White
    3. American Conservative University – Avoid Sunday stuff from Mormons
    4. Art of Manliness
    5. Ben Shapiro Show
    6. Christian Worldview Radio Program
    7. Contra Krugman
    8. Crossroads Bible Church
    9. Dan Bongino Show
    10. Expositor with Pastor Steven Lawson
    11. Freekanomics
    12. Grace to you Pulpit Podcast with Pastor John MacArthur
    13. Grace Life Pulpit with Phil Johnson
    14. Listening In from World Magazine
    15. Matt Walsh
    16. Motley Fool
    17. Steve Deace Show
    18. Thinking Out Loud
    19. Tom Woods show
    20. The Verdict with Ted Cruz
    21. The way I heard with Mike Rowe
    22. The world and everything in it
    23. Wretched Radio
    24. How I built this with Guy Roz
  3. What is the sign hanging over your shoulder?
  4. Is it always wrong for a Christian to lie?
  5. Is a Christian supposed to follow the old testament law?  Clarified what about current civil law?
  6. Where does the soul come from, is it created or does it come from our parents?