christmasDecember 2015 – A Savior Who Is Christ the Lord, Part 1 – A look at the appearance of the angels to the shepherds on the night of Christ’s birth.

January 2012 – Santa Pause: Written by Justin Peters this is a critical theological review of the Santa myth and a Christians attitude toward its promotion.

December 2011 – The Announcement Of The Savior: A look at the angel’s proclamation concerning the Christ child.

December 2010 – The Son of God: A look at the Old Testament teachings that the predicted Messiah would be none other than God in human flesh.

December 2009 – The Son of David: A look at the prophecies in the Old Testament that predicted a coming King from the line of David.

December 2008 – Early Glimpses Of The Savior: A look at the earliest of Old Testament prophecies concerning the Savior and what they revealed about His coming.

December 2007 – God In The Manger: Just Who was this person born of a Virgin and laid in a manger?

December 2006 – Three Christmas Questions: A look at the significance of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity.