1. What does “Without Wax” mean on your email signature line?
  2. What are the core/essential doctrines that Christians must agree on?
  3. Why did David lament Saul’s death in 2 Samuel, then write Psalms calling for the judgement of his enemies?
    1. Imprecatory Psalms/Prayers
  4. Was it wrong for David to have 2 wives?
  5. What’s distinctive about Reformed Theology vs Arminian Theology?
    1. What is hyper-Calvinism?
    2. Spurgeon V. Hyper-Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching
  6. Does God cause sin and does He have two wills?
  7. How long was the famine option following David’s census, 3 or 7 years, as the bible seems to contradict itself form 1 Chronicles 11:9?
    1. 1 Chronicles 21:11-12
    2. 2 Samuel 24:13
    3. Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason: Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions
  8. Rabbits don’t chew the cud, so is the bible wrong?
  9. What is Pastor Osman’s thought about the Corona Virus as it relates to the bible?
  10. If the Devil is beaten why does he keep fighting?
  11. What verses talk about the different kinds of love God has for people?
  12. What is Pastor Osman’s favorite fictional book.

To be addressed in the future:

  1. Was it wrong for David and Jonathan to lie to Saul?
  2. Is it wrong for a Christian to Lie?