1. Ezekiel 18:20 lays out that children will not be punished for the sins of their fathers, yet in Esther 9:10, they hung the 10 sons of Haman with their father on the gallows?
  2. What happens to babies when they die, do they go to heaven or hell?
  3. Is there a specific chapter and verse that fully explains what happens with infants when they die?
  4. What is the age of accountability?
  5. As a Christian what should we say to someone who has lost a child?
  6. Are there two stages to salvation, first to be declared innocence then righteousness?
  7. When a child dies what are they going to be in heaven in their glorified body?
  8. As we’re not given in marriage in heaven how would raising a child?
  9. What age will we be in heaven?
  10. What is Federal Vision and who are the pastors that hold to that view?
  11. Guidance on using discernment when reading books from questionable authors.
  12. How many questions are too many to ask a pastor in a Q&A session? (Hint:  apparently 18)
  13. Some good references for solid online content:
    1. John MacArthur Grace to You –
    2. The Cripplegate –
    3. R.C. Sproul Ligonier Ministries –
    4. Todd Friel Wretched Radio –
    5. Greg Koukl Stand to Reason-
    6. Scott Klusendorf Life Training Institute –
    7. Ray Comfort Way of the Master –
    8. Jim Osman Kootenai Community Church –