The History of Doctrine

For the past 2,000 years, Jesus has been sovereignly building His Church. He has used all manner of people, places, and events to shape the theological traditions that continue to influence people today. Travel back in time as we spend åfive months together tracing the historical development of theology, and gain a much greater understanding of those who have gone before. In the end, we will be sobered by the constant threat of error, while being motivated to take our place in the long line of faithful witnesses who have stood the test of time.

This series of messages is by David Forsyth. These lessons were given during the Monday night men’s Bible study. Click here for more teaching by David Forsyth.

The History of Doctrine – Persecution

We looked at the ten waves of Rome’s persecution of the early church which was brought to an end when Constantine converted to Christianity and defeated his enemies thus rising to supreme power in Rome.

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David Forsyth

David Forsyth


David was born and grew up in Massachusetts, later attending the University of Massachusetts at Lowell where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration (1979).

Upon graduation, he married Carol, his college sweetheart, and began a career in banking. After several work-related moves, they found themselves in 1991 living in southern California with their 4 young children. 

In 1995, Foothill Bible Church, Upland, CA, the church they were attending, asked David to leave his position at the bank and join the staff as Associate Pastor of Administration and Christian Education.Two years later, while still serving on staff, he enrolled at The Master’s Seminary, completing his Mdiv in 2002. Upon graduation and the retirement of the church’s teaching pastor, the congregation unanimously extended a call to David to fill that role. He served there until 2019 when he and Carol moved to Sandpoint, ID, to become actively involved in the discipleship of their grandchildren. David and Carol began attending KCC in June of 2021, where they find great joy in loving and serving the church body.


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