Random Thoughts

random-thoughs Random Thoughts, Vol. 1: Subjects include Darwin and Lincoln, leading and following your heart, death and dying, the passing of time, a calling to preach, and giving verses lending.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 2: Subjects include God’s Hand of Providence in discovering a skunk, the benefit of the discipline of writing, the goodness of God, “gospel slogans,” the Sovereignty of God over the Super Bowl, and Charles Spurgeon on “looking to Christ.”

Random Thoughts, Vol. 3:Subjects include The Goodness of God, Pro Cat Prejudice, “Without Wax,” False Teachers, The Evolutionists Dilemma, and man’s relationship to Time.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 4: Subjects include The Laws Of Men, Growing Old, God’s Providence, Moral Superiority, The Blessing of Sparse Blessings, and a Conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 5: Subjects include Modern Preaching, The Importance Of Bible Reading, Bin Laden and Justice, Design By Accident, and Untimely Death.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 6: Subjects include The Allure Of Pursuing Other Means, Goals For A Grandpa, and The “Evolution” of Barack Obama.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 7: Subjects include The Things I Used To Hate, Boycotting Boycotts,  Borrowing Worldviews, and Lame Arguments Against Capital Punishment.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 8: Subjects include Relevance And Preaching, Chronological Snobbery, Heaven Is For Real – All Over Again!, We Are Unworthy Servants, Life From Non-Life?, and a Heaven Is For Real Update.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 9:  Subjects include Reflections on a Vacation, Fools Without Excuse, and Your Kingdom Come.

Random Thoughts, Vol. 10: Subjects include Romans 1 All Over Again, The Jennerization of America, Planned Parenthood Peddling Parts, A Call For Whole-Hearted Christian Courage.