resurrectionHarmonizing The Resurrection Accounts Part 1: In Part 1 we take a look at the challenges posed by some of the differences contained in the gospel accounts of the Resurrection of Christ. This article provides some principles to keep in mind when seeking to harmonize the gospel accounts and provides a clear explanation of the difference between a “difference” and a “discrepancy.”

Harmonizing The Resurrection Accounts Part 2: In Part 2 we walk through the events of Resurrection Sunday in a way that accounts for all the differences and explains the alleged “contradictions.” This article also provides a list, in chronological order of all 10 post-resurrection appearances of Christ.

I Want A New Body! (Part 1): A look at the Resurrection of the Just resulting in life eternal. What will our Resurrection be like? What will our bodies be like? 1 Corinthians 15 has the answer.

The Resurrection to Damnation (Part 2): Did you know that the unredeemed will not spend eternity as disembodied spirits, but in a real physical, but unredeemed body? We take a look at what the Bible says about the unredeemed, eternal body in which the wicked will spend eternity.

I Want A New Earth (Part 3): Is Heaven going to be an eternal spiritual existence or an actual physical place? The answer may surprise you! You will see that God’s plan is to create a new Heavens and a New earth on which God will dwell with His redeemed people for all eternity.

See also the three part audio series on the Doctrine of Bodily Resurrection from the Adult Sunday School Class.

The Resurrection In The Old Testament: How did the Apostles show that the Resurrection of Christ was prophesied in the Old Testament? They pointed to the promise of God to David to sit one of his descendants upon his throne. This article takes a look a the passages quoted by the Apostles in their preaching in the book of Acts to prove that the Resurrection of Christ was predicted in the Old Testament.