Current Issues

current-issuesThe King Maker: Daniel 4 – The 2016 election is cause for great concern to many believers. In this article, Pastor Jim looks at Daniel 4 and the Sovereignty of God over nations.

Capital Punishment: What does the Bible say about Capital Punishment, and should it be used today. An answer to objections against the practice.

January 2010 – The Bible In Public Schools: Should Christians be supporting an initiative to have the Bible taught as literature in the public school classrooms? In this article Pastor Jim argues that this cannot possibly turn out good.

February 2010 – The Immorality of Pacifism, Part 1: A look at pacifism from a Biblical perspective. Does the Bible teach that we should be committed to non-violence in all situations? Did Jesus teach the doctrine of passive non-resistance to evil?

March 2010 – The Immorality of Pacifism, Part 2: In part 2 of this series, we look at other arguments that a pacifism might offer for passive non-resistance to evil.

January 2016 – The Bible In A Year: In this article, Pastor Jim shared that reading through the Bible once each year has been the single greatest spiritual discipline he has ever adopted. He offered some pointers for achieving this goal and challenged the reader to adopt the practice.