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Kootenai Community Church is pleased to be able to support our missionary families who faithfully spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Through our prayer and financial support, we have the joy of sharing in their ministries. May our sovereign God be pleased to make the nations glad through these faithful servants!

Justin Peters Ministries

Justin Peters Ministries


Born and reared in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Justin earned his undergraduate at Mississippi State University (1995) and then a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology (2000, 2002) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Justin met his bride, Kathy, at an evangelism conference near Los Angeles, California in 2009. They were married in August of 2010. From 2014 until 2019 they lived in Sandpoint, Idaho, and were members of Kootenai Community Church. They now, along with their little dog, Mia, reside in Bozeman, Montana, and are members of Grace Bible Church (Just Justin and Kathy are members. Mia has not yet been able to give a credible profession of faith).

You can read more at justinpeters.org or subscribe to Justin’s YouTube Channel.


Chris and Debbie Klynstra

Chris and Debbie Klynstra

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Klynstra Interview: Volume 1

Chris and Debbie Klynstra along with their two children, Sarah (7) and Benjamin (5), will be back in the area in February. After 10 years at Quest Aircraft Company they are returning to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Quest Aircraft Company makes the Kodiak, a 10 seat, high wing, short field takeoff and landing, turbo prop aircraft made with missions in mind. For more information about the airplane, you can visit the Quest website referenced above.

Mission Aviation Fellowship serves more than 600 Christian and humanitarian organizations through aviation, communications and learning technologies. Their mission statement is “Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.”

Chris’ time at Quest was spent helping build and test the prototype, working on the production line building and preparing the aircraft for first flight and flying the aircraft. He is looking forward to using his experience to serve MAF as a maintenance specialist. MAF has seven Kodiaks serving around the world.

The Klynstra family will be serving in Indonesia. They are currently in the process of raising their support and hope to be heading overseas in early 2014. If you would like to know more about the Klynstra family and how to be a part of their ministry, check out their MAF page.

Gordon and Nancy Hunt

Gordon and Nancy Hunt

New Tribes Mission

Hunt Interview: Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3

Gordon and Nancy have served faithfully with New Tribes Mission among the Manjui people of Paraguay for 36 years translating the Word of God into their language. When Gordon and Nancy first started serving among the Manjui, they had to create a written language for the people. They have since worked diligently to translate the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament into the Manjui language. Presently, they are nearing the completion of the New Testament.

Today Gordie and Nancy provide translation help to the mission field as they live in North Idaho. They attend Kootenai Community Church where Gordie serves in the evangelism ministry and occasionally preaches. You can find Gordie’s sermons here.

Dave and Lois Belch

Dave and Lois Belch

The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

Belch Interview: Volume 1 | Volume 2

Dave and Lois serve with the mission TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). They live in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Their role is to work alongside Steve and Cheryl Albrecht to establish a reproducing church that worships God on the northern coast of the island – specifically Santa Ursula. They are church planters and have been serving in the Canary Islands since January 11, 2009.

Currently, they live in Spokane, Washington where Dave assists with leadership development. They also offer training and support to the church in the Canary Islands as Dave teaches online.

Peter and Amanda Hammond

Peter and Amanda Hammond

Missionary Gamer Ministry

Interview with Peter Hammond and Andrew Rappaport

Peter and his wife Amanda have three children, Rachael, Caleb, and James, and are members of Kootenai Community Church. With Mark 16:15 as his marching orders, in 2018, Peter embarked on preaching the gospel to the virtual world. MissionaryGamer was a full-time evangelistic outreach to people through an open-air style of preaching adapted from the Way of the Master technique by LivingWaters.  The time was well spent and he was able to share the gospel with many people albeit in sometimes very odd circumstances. Peter has recorded many of these interactions and posted them on his YouTube Channel.

After being exposed to the Twitch.tv stream community Peter realized there was a much bigger opportunity to spread the Gospel through streaming directly to people, in and out of games.  He also saw an opportunity to build tools to help people better use the bible in the chat forums on Twitch.  ChapterVerse is Peter’s first chat assistant (bot), that will look up and inject any valid scriptural reference made in the chat. ChapterVerse is available in 5 different translations, provides two different sources for Verse of the Day, and provides multiple examples of the Gospel, that are less than 500 characters long (Chat Length Limit). This solution is the beginning of multiple software solutions that Peter has planned, that are running on full-scale enterprise-level architecture in the Azure Cloud. 

Missionary Gamer is a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ on virtual street corners all over the world.

Marty and Jeanette Windle

Marty and Jeanette Windle

President, BCM International

Windle Interview: Volume 1

Marty serves as President of BCM International based in Akron PA. Jeanette is an internationally recognized author with a dozen books in print.

Bible Centered Ministries International is a global non-denominational ministry dedicated to reaching children and developing churches worldwide. BCM has more than 700 missionaries serving in over 50 countries across five continents as well as Pacific and Caribbean islands. They are committed to making disciples of all age groups for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, teaching and training so that churches are established and the Church strengthened.

BCM ministers through evangelism, church planting, discipleship, leadership training and publishing Bible curriculum and teaching materials. Children’s ministries such as Bible clubs, released-time classes, and camps are central to all BCM fields. BCM is also involved in compassion ministries such as disaster relief, community health care and development, and counseling.

 Bruce and Lynda Morock

Bruce and Lynda Morock

Principal, Puebla Christian School

Morock Interview: Volume 1 | Volume 2

Bruce and Lynda Morock have served in missions for 26 years under Southside Community Church, Cocolalla, ID. They work mostly with youth in camp, school and short term mission settings. They currently reside in Puebla, Mexico, where Bruce is the principal of Puebla Christian School, a missionary school. Lynda teaches 1st grade and Bruce also teaches English Literature. Together they serve the staff, students and families of this school as well as in their local church.