1 & 2 Samuel:

This series of messages is a verse by verse exposition of the book of 1 & 2 Samuel by Jess Whetsel,  a pastor at Kootenai Community Church. These messages were preached during our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Click here for more teaching by Jess Whetsel.

By Many or by Few (1 Samuel 14:1-15)

An overview of Saul’s continuous failures to obey God. Jonathan and his armor-bearer carry out an attack on the Philistine Garrison in Michmash. An exposition of 1 Samuel 14:1-15.

Israel Prepares For Battle (1 Samuel 13:13-23)

The Philistines position themselves for battle against Israel. Many of Saul’s soldiers have deserted, leaving him with minimal forces. An exposition of 1 Samuel 13:13-23.

Saul Wages War Against the Philistines (1 Samuel 13:1-12)

Johnathan conquers the Philistine garrison in Geba. The Israelites are outnumbered and Saul violates God’s Law by offering a burnt offering in Samuel’s absence. An exposition of 1 Samuel 13:1-12.

Samuel’s Final Address To the Israelites (1 Samuel 12:19-25)

Samuel gives the Israelites encouragement not to fear following their repentance. He then exhorts the people to continue to serve God in obedience and concludes his exhortation with a clear admonition of the consequences of disobedience. An exposition of 1 Samuel 12:19-25.

Israel’s Call To Repentance (1 Samuel 12:12-18)

Samuel admonished the Israelites for their turning away from their true King and demanding a human king to lead and protect them. An exposition of 1 Samuel 12:12-18.

Samuel’s Exhortation to Israel (1 Samuel 12:1-11)

Samuel defends his role as Judge and Prophet over Israel and rebukes the Israelites. An exposition of 1 Samuel 12: 1-11.

Deliverance in Israel (1 Samuel 11:1-15)

The Ammonites led by King Nahash besieged Jabesh-gilead & sought to make threatening the people and demanded that they mutilate themselves to bring shame upon Israel. The Spirit of God came upon King Saul to bring all Israel together to defeat their enemies. An exposition of 1 Samuel 11:1-15.

Jess Whetsel

Jess Whetsel


Jess Whetsel was born and raised in Northern California. He married his wife, Marcia, in 1965. They moved to Idaho along with their two children in 1977. Jess was saved in 1977 through the ministry of Southside Community Church, Cocolalla, ID.

Jess and Marcia were discipled one -on -one for three years using a Bible School curriculum. He then taught Sunday School, was involved in a Prison Ministry, Bible studies and discipleship. Jess was a cabinet maker by trade and when construction slowed down in 1983, he moved his family to Hayden Lake. He became a lay pastor in a local church there for 10 years.

After their two children were married, they moved back to the Sandpoint area. They began attending Kootenai Community Church in 2000. Jess has been active in teaching adult Sunday School, Bible Studies, and discipleship. Jess has been an elder since June of 2003.

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