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Kootenai Community Church exists to glorify God by the Exposition of the Scriptures, the Exhortation of the Saints and the Exaltation of the Savior.

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Jim Osman is currently preaching through Ecclesiastes. Visit our audio page to hear Adult Sunday School lessons and sermons by all our pastors.

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The Prosperity of the Wicked: A Study of Psalm 73

A new book by Pastor Jim Osman on Psalm 73 and the prosperity of the wicked will be released in early 2017.

Truth Or Territory is now available in paperback!

A book by one of our pastors, Jim Osman, is available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.  Truth Or Territory on Kindle sells for $6.99 and the paperback for $15.99.

All the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the new facility building fund. Visit TruthOrTerritory.com for more information.

Selling the Stairway to Heaven: Critiquing the Claims of Heaven Tourists

Selling the Stairway to Heaven is now available in print for $11.99. It is also available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99.

All the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the new facility building fund.


Jesus Calling: A Critical Theological Review

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young has proven to be wildly popular. Overall, it has sold more than ten million copies in twenty-six different languages. The presuppositions of this book, the “revelations” she claims to have received, and her abuse of scripture texts present real dangers to undiscerning Christians.

Pastor Jim has written a critical theological review of the book that highlights these dangers. For other book reviews and recommended resources, visit our Resource Library.


Justin Peters Radio/Television Programs

Pastor Jim was recently interviewed on the Justin Peters Radio Program and TV program about his book, Truth Or Territory. You can purchase all 12 30-minute interviews on 6 CD’s from Justin Peters Ministries. 50% of the proceeds from the CD sales go to help finish our new church facility.

You can watch Pastor Jim being interviewed on Justin’s television program here. Thanks to Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend for making these programs available to the public.

Shop on Amazon Smile and Support the New Facility

amazon-smileDid you know that a portion of your Amazon purchase can be used to support the work of Kootenai Community Church? Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the church and all the money given through Amazon Smile will be used for our new church building.

It’s the same Amazon, the same products, and the same prices. Simply follow the link below, select Kootenai Community Church as your charity of choice, and shop as usual. Thanks for your support!

Man, Animals, And Eternal Justice (Ecclesiastes 3:16-22)

Solomon laments the lack of justice in the places of justice and then offers two contrasting answers to it. An exposition of Ecclesiastes 3:16-22.

To Eat Or Not To Eat (1 Corinthians 8:9-13)

An exposition of 1 Corinthians 8:9-13 as taught by Pastor/Elder Cornel Rasor.