Some of the questions from the first Q&A Session with Paul Taylor include:

  1. What biblical proof do we have that speaks to Jesus’ body being perfect like Adam before the fall? Would sickness and other ailments not have afflicted him?
  2. Do you know the number of times the New Testament references things found in Genesis?
  3. What are some of the most important areas of studies for homeschool teachers or Sunday School teachers?
  4. You mentioned the water canopy theory no longer being believed by most creation-science models, what other incorrect things do biblical creationists commonly believe?
  5. Do you make videos of evolution vs. creation for homeschools?
  6. Are we (Christians) related to those who don’t believe in God?
  7. What do evolutionists say about the layers of rock that have quickly formed in the canyons of Mount St. Helens?
  8. What is the motivation for Christians who promote old-earth creationism?

and more…