Questions from this session include:

  1. How did you meet your wife? How many kids/grandkids? What do they do? Do they all live near you?
  2. How did the Lord save you? What is your testimony?
  3. What was your post-High School education?
  4. How did you come to meet John MacArthur and end up at Grace Community Church?
  5. What is your ministry at Grace? What is your ministry at Grace to You? Where do you find time to teach and be an elder?
  6. Was Grace to You already a ministry when you arrived at GCC?
  7. Spurgeon was committed to the doctrines of grace (Calvinism). When did you come to those convictions yourself? Was Grace Community Church always known for its commitment to those doctrines? How influential were you in shaping GCC in that area?
  8. Has there been growth and development in that theology since you have been there?
  9. Of all the elders at Grace, you are probably the most well-known outside John MacArthur. How many other elders are there?
  10. Your online presence is quite ubiquitous (Twitter, Facebook, Pyromaniacs Blot, Phil’s Bookmarks, Spurgeon Archive). When John is attacked, you seem to be the one who steps to line to defend him? How do you get tasked with that? Why is that so often the case?
  11. What are your hobbies outside of Grace to You and Grace Community Church?
  12. What do you do to relax? What is your ideal vacation – money no object?
  13. Tell me something true about yourself that most people who only know you from a distance (online) would find surprising.
  14. Do you have any plans to write a book of your own?
  15. What does the retirement plan of John MacArthur and Phil Johnson look like?
  16. How do you get saddled with the most controversial topics at Shepherd’s Conference.
  17. What happened to Too Wretched for Radio?
  18. Were you and Jason Duchow separated at birth?

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