Recommended Web Resources

Here are a few recommended resources.

1.) Before you spend money or time on a book that may be a dud, check out what Tim Challies at the Discerning Reader has to say. He offers short, concise, and theologically sound (most important) reviews of books.

2.) For reviews of children’s books check out The Redeemed Reader.

2.) Check out the only blog checked by Pastor Jim on a regular basis, (other blogs are checked quite irregularly) at Team Pyro’s site. Rated as the 8th most influential Christian website, it is worth your time!


3.) Many have asked about the insanely popular book, “THE SHACK” by William P. Young. Very few Christians are aware of the horrible heresy promoted by Young. To warn you and protect you from this wolf in sheep’s clothing, we recommend the following resources:

* A review by Tim Challies (offered here with Tim’s permission).

* 13 Heresies of the Shack, a sermon by Michael Youssef.

* A Stack of what the Shack lacks will give you a host of resources – more than you need.

What Are the Pastors Reading?


Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Sarah Young claims that she has received private revelations from Jesus Himself during her personal devotional times. She has written these down to share them with everyone.  In this critical theological review of Young’s book, Pastor Jim Osman examines some of her revelations, her claims, and her view and treatment of Scripture.


Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander claims that he visited Heaven during a Near Death Experience (NDE). Interestingly, he doesn’t claim to be a Christian at all and the “Heaven” he describes is nothing like we find in the Bible. This poses an interesting dilemma for any Christian ready to embrace the claims of both Burpo and Piper. This review of Alexander’s book details his experience, his claims and shows why Christians are justified in rejecting ALL claims of visits to Heaven.


90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper.

Don Piper claims that he died for 90 minutes and spent that time in Heaven. Now he is here to tell us all about it! This critical theological review of Piper’s book by Pastor Jim Osman examines the claims and theology of this best seller.


Walking With God by John Eldredge

This latest offering by John Eldredge is filled with theological error, Scripture twisting, and confusing, subjective, extra-biblical revelation. This critical theological review highlights the dangers behind John Eldredge’s practices and teachings.


Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo

Colton Burpo claims that he visited Heaven while on the operating table. Does the Heaven that he describes sound at all like the Heaven of Scripture? This critical theological review of Burpo’s book by Pastor Jim Osman examines the claims of this run-away best seller.