The elders of Kootenai Community Church (signed below) have watched with grieved hearts as our brother and faithful minister of the gospel, Justin Peters, has been maligned, slandered, and publicly misrepresented in recent weeks.

bio-justin-petersJustin and his wife, Kathy, have been members in regular and faithful attendance since the day they moved to the Sandpoint area in October 2014. Both of them have served the body of Christ in their area of giftedness while evidencing humility, gentleness, and a steadfast faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the defense of that gospel (Philippians 1:7).

Justin is, today, and always has been, a man under the authority of his local church eldership. We have been graced with the charge of watching over his soul (Hebrews 13:17), providing leadership, accountability, and support to Justin and his ministry. Through all of this controversy, Justin has handled himself with integrity and uprightness. If any of us had seen something worthy of correction in the manner Justin has comported himself, we would have lovingly dealt with those issues and we are certain Justin would have humbly received that correction.

We wholeheartedly stand behind Justin, his wife, Kathy, and Justin Peters Ministries.

The Elders of Kootenai Community Church

  • Jim Osman
  • Cornel Rasor
  • Dave Rich
  • Jess Whetsel