In this miniseries, delve into the practical and profound wisdom found in the book of James. This study covers faith, perseverance, and righteous living themes, offering valuable insights for navigating life’s trials with a steadfast heart. Perfect for new and seasoned Bible students, this series provides a fresh perspective on authentic living out one’s faith.

This series of messages was preached by David Forsyth during our Sunday Morning Adult Sunday School. Click here for more teaching by David Forsyth.

Spiritual Jujitsu (James 1:13-21)

David Forsyth delves into James 1:13-21, illustrating the concept of Spiritual Jujitsu, which emphasizes turning temptations into spiritual growth. Forsyth explains how understanding sin’s patterns, remembering God’s generosity, and responding to His word can help believers combat sin effectively. The idea of Spiritual Jujitsu is central to this message, offering practical strategies for overcoming temptation.

Passing Life’s Spiritual Tests (James 1:1-12)

In this insightful sermon, David Forsyth explores the theme of spiritual tests, focusing on James 1:1-12. He outlines four essential steps to prepare for and pass life’s spiritual tests: cultivating the right attitude, accepting the necessity of trials, seeking divine assistance, and correctly appraising reality. Forsyth emphasizes that these steps are crucial for enduring and overcoming challenges in one’s faith journey, offering practical wisdom for believers.

David Forsyth

David Forsyth


David was born and grew up in Massachusetts, later attending the University of Massachusetts at Lowell where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration (1979). 

Upon graduation, he married Carol, his college sweetheart, and began a career in banking. After several work-related moves, they found themselves in 1991 living in southern California with their 4 young children. 

In 1995, Foothill Bible Church, Upland, CA, the church they were attending, asked David to leave his position at the bank and join the staff as Associate Pastor of Administration and Christian Education.

Two years later, while still serving on staff, he enrolled at The Master’s Seminary, completing his Mdiv in 2002. Upon graduation and the retirement of the church’s teaching pastor, the congregation unanimously extended a call to David to fill that role.He served there until 2019 when he and Carol moved to Sandpoint, ID, to become actively involved in the discipleship of their grandchildren. David and Carol began attending KCC in June of 2021, where they find great joy in loving and serving the church body.


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