Biblical Eldership: The Biblical Model

In this series, we examine all that God’s word tells us about the important office of elder in the local church. We examine the various terms for elder, the function and qualifications of elders in the church, and how elders are to relate to each other and to the local church body for whose spiritual life they must give an account to the Great Shepherd. The goal of this series is the establishment and maintenance of a Biblical model of church government through obedience to the Biblical texts.

This series of Adult Sunday School lessons were taught by Dave Rich, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church. Click here for more audio teaching from Dave Rich.

Dave Rich

Dave Rich


Dave Rich was born in Libby, MT and grew up in southern Idaho. He attended college at the University of Idaho and graduate school at the University of Washington. Dave came to Christ as a freshman at University of Idaho in 1984. He married his wife Diane in 1986.

Dave began working with youth as a youth leader and Sunday School teacher in 1988 in Seattle’s Tabernacle Baptist Church and has been working with youth ever since. Dave helped start a youth group in Seattle and in Columbus, Ohio’s Bethesda Baptist Church.

Dave moved to Sandpoint in 1999 with wife Diane and three daughters: Megan, Jamie, and Kellie. They have attended Kootenai Community Church since 1999. Both Dave and Diane are active in Sunday School and Kootenai Community Church’s Awana ministry. Dave has been an Elder since September, 2001.

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