Questions from the Q&A during this session include the following:

  1. Do you have any church recommendations in Tuscon?
  2. How far away is Mark Driscoll from you, and how much influence does he have in your area?
  3. Could you explain briefly what the “Apostololic Word” is?
  4. Do you see any decline in the Prosperity Gospel’s influence at all?
  5. Has your uncle’s ministry declined because he’s getting older, or because a new generation has come in and doing newer, more modern things?
  6. What kind of money comes into a crusade when you were working with your uncle?
  7. In terms of money that comes in, is it large donations by celebrities or high-profile individuals, or smaller donations by the average person?
  8. As a cessationist, how do you support a phrase like “Clear-thinking charismatic?” How does one not negate the other?
  9. Is there any correlation between the prosperity gospel movement and the Jewish nation regarding the structure of giving financially to support the priesthood?
  10. Is the YouVersion Bible App bad?
  11. Luke 18:42 – Does faith heal?
  12. Can you talk about the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” Why do Pentecostals talk about this?
  13. Mark 9:38-41 – is a common argument against calling out false teachers. What do you say?
  14. In your opinion, is it ok to stay in a church if a handful of people within the church are hyper-charismatic?
  15. How might I approach communicating with friends who have left the truth behind and gone to Bethel School of Ministry?
  16. What did the process of grief look like when you were dealing with the loss of community with your family and loved ones?
  17. How do you personally teach rightly about “conviction” and “illumination” while at the same time rejecting “God told me.”
  18. Do you think most of these prosperity preachers genuinely believe what they preach, or are they doing it just for the money?
  19. Have you seen any fabricated healings at any of these events?
  20. In all your time in that movement, did you ever see any legitimate healings or miracles?
  21. What other “faith teachers” have you met?
  22. Do you know of anybody else that is like you that has come out of that movement and is now saved and sound in doctrine?