Inside the Prosperity Gospel Movement with Costi Hinn

We all know someone trapped in theological error. The Word of Faith Movement that preaches the prosperity gospel of greed is the fastest-growing error among professing believers in the church. It is the predominant strain of “Christianity” overseas and the face of American Christianity presented on television and radio. America has been the breeding ground for charismatic leaders and prosperity gospel preachers for decades. We have exported this poison overseas through mass communication and media. The lies and empty promises of this heretical movement have allured millions and left a wake of ruined souls and disenchanted saints.

Nobody knows the inner workings of this false Christianity better than this year’s Equipping Conference speaker. Costi Hinn grew up in the movement that boasts his uncle, Benny Hinn, as one of its star proponents. He has attended the crusades, traveled with his uncle, and enjoyed the lavish lifestyle afforded by the false gospel. Then the Lord sovereignly saved him. Now Costi pastors a church plant in Arizona and has devoted his life to preaching the true gospel and seeking to reach those caught in the error that once blinded him.

Session 5 – The Church Standing Firm (Acts 20:28-30)

If you are a church standing firm, you need to be wise to Satan’s strategies. A look at reckless doctrine and our response of relentless devotion. As believers, we should…

  1. Pray for the lost
  2. Protect the standard for elders
  3. Pay attention to sound doctrine
  4. Provide care for the hurting
  5. Put an emphasis on the eternal
  6. Prepare to suffer for the gospel
  7. Point out dangers
  8. Preach the Word
  9. Pass the torch

Session 6 – Reaching Those Caught in Deception (Jude 17-23)

“In-reach” – Seeking those who think they’re in; they’re a part of the church already, but are instead perishing. There are the doubters, the deceived, and the dangerous.

  1. You need to remember the truth. v. 17-19
  2. You need to grow in the truth. v. 20-21
  3. You need to share the truth. v. 22-23

Costi Hinn

Costi Hinn

Founder/President For the Gospel Ministries

Costi Hinn serves as the Teaching Pastor at Shepherd’s House Bible Church in Chandler, AZ. He is currently completing his doctorate at The Master’s Seminary. He is the author of several books including, Knowing the Spirit (Zondervan, 2023), More Than a Healer, God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel, and Defining Deception.

He has also co-authored a children’s book alongside his wife Christyne titled, In Jesus’ Name I Pray: TJ the Squirrel Learns the True Heart of Prayer (Harvest House Kids, 2022). Costi and Christyne live in Gilbert, AZ with their five children.