In the Q&A session hosted by Pastor Jim Osman, Dr. Owen Strachan discusses how humans are image-bearers of God and the implications of this belief. Strachan emphasizes that being image bearers of God is not limited to specific attributes but encompasses our entire humanity. Osman and Strachan address how this concept influences our interactions and responsibilities within the Christian faith. Their insights provide a deep understanding of what it means to be image-bearers of God in today’s world.

Questions Asked:

  1. In what ways are we image-bearers of God? Is it only the communicable attributes?
  2. What guidelines would you recommend for how much time we spend with the world and how we spend time with them?
  3. How should a church handle visitors and/or regularly attending homosexuals, trans people, etc.?
  4. Can a man be truly saved if he is passive and checked out, angry, neglectful of family, not growing in fruits of the Spirit, prideful, and unwilling to hear correction or rebuke?
  5. If a family rejects you because you won’t use their pronoun requests, do you step back and wait or try to engage, and if you engage, how?
  6. How about someone who wants to be referred to by a different name? Should you honor that request?
  7. Is there a difference between gender and sex?
  8. Should women be wearing hats and head coverings in church today?
  9. How do I learn to submit to and respect men as leaders and someday as husbands, seeing as how the only example I know has lost my respect?
  10. How does one know if they’ve been called to singleness or marriage?
  11. If Adam tried to stop and warn Eve, but she didn’t listen, would God still hold him responsible?
  12. How far do you take the biblical directive that men are to lead and women are to nurture and help? Does it apply only within marriage? Can women lead in business, industry, or government positions? Women soldiers? Female marriage counseling?
  13. How do the proponents of the modern-day cult of death deal with the reality that abortion and euthanasia were part of the Nazi regime?
  14. What was your toughest conversation, and how did it end?
  15. How do we, as leaders and parents emphasize God’s non-utilitarian purposes for humanity as we obey Him? What are God’s purposes for us as His image bearers?
  16. Is there a war on women?
  17. How much fun was it to drive Squirrel’s Miata?
  18. Are you going to sing the Christian rap song that people wanted you to hear?